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Case Studies

Service model overhaul – revolutionising asset support for a major financial institution

A financial institution was facing service issues with their incumbent support model, which impacted their customers’ network uptime and productivity. The incumbent was failing to meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA), and in-life assets lacked proper coverage for OEM technical and software support.

Revitalising connectivity through network refresh for major tyre retailer across European sites

A major tyre retailer in Europe, faced the challenge of refreshing its corporate network to provide the connectivity and reliability required for its day-to-day operations. The current equipment was nearing its end-of-life, and a smooth transition was needed across the UK and Eastern Europe.

Revamping retail connectivity with out of hours network upgrade for prominent UK retailer

Boots, faced the challenge of updating its corporate network to ensure optimal connectivity and reliability for its daily operations. The existing equipment was approaching its end-of-life, and a seamless transition was required for the upgrade across over 2,800 UK sites.

Transforming maintenance services through Atos and NSC’s strategic outsourcing partnership

Faced with declining business in the maintenance services sector, Atos made a strategic move to outsource these activities across Europe, aiming to enhance service quality and reduce costs and people liability.

Multi-region firewall upgrade for global consumer goods company

Procuring and delivering Cisco Firewalls for critical manufacturing sites across various regions posed a daunting challenge for our customer, encompassing countries from China to Mexico. Struggling with delays and uncertainties, they turned to us for support in their upgrade program.

Rapid design and rollout of ‘Non Stand Alone’ 5G network capability for leading service provider

A leading UK digital communications company, needed to rapidly design and deploy a ‘Non-Stand-Alone’ (NSA) 5G network capability to maintain its prominent position in the UK market, and avoid losing ground to its competitors

An agile workforce solution at scale for telecoms giant

In the dynamic telecommunications sector, where project demands vary, a multinational conglomerate with a sizable workforce faced difficulties in managing resource fluctuations effectively.

Scalable and secure resourcing success for high-stakes events

A global outsourcing giant required a secure logistics model that adhered to the specific requirements of the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences – two of the most security-sensitive events in the world.

Seamless telco transformation for global banking group

A US multinational telco had been hired to transform the IP telephony infrastructure for an international banking group, but with 4,000 sites to transform globally and no downtime permitted, it was looking like a tall order.