As technology landscapes shift we keep innovating and delivering

The right partner in the right place

At NSC, we have established an extensive network of partnerships worldwide, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions directly to our clients.
Regardless of culture and language we provide consistent, high-quality services in every country in which we operate.

Our partnerships ensure we can offer agile and flexible solutions. By understanding your business requirements, we make informed recommendations and offer a full multi-vendor service to suit your technology needs.

We are aligned and highly experienced in working with the following partners, which enables us to offer a full multi-vendor service to suit your technology requirements.


Make your digital ambitions a reality

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Deliver solutions in a digitally-dominated marketplace

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Networking solutions for a changing world

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Hewlett Packard



Palo Alto













Pulse Secure


Our partners on the ground, 24/7

Centralised IT cannot serve all your technical needs, and global in-house teams require unnecessary expense and difficult management. Achieving seamless global delivery can feel impossible with language, legislation, tax, and time zone hurdles in your way.

NSC eliminate complexity and embrace efficiency by providing you with multi-skilled professionals that see the big picture. Our breadth of global knowledge, with a depth of local expertise allows us to hit the ground running with flexible solutions tailored to you.

In the last year alone, we’ve successfully completed over one million client activities, ranging from 10-day planned lead times to urgent 2-hour response services.

  • 90 global partners
  • 180 countries serviced
  • 21 languages spoken
  • 6,500 expert resources available 24/7

Rigorous selection process

We’ve worked side by side with our core partners for years, building rewarding relationships with best-in-class companies from around the world. We adopt an in-depth approach to vetting any potential partners and have rigorous and evolved processes for assessing technical teams, developed by our own technical leads.

When you work with our partners, you can rest assured everything will be done to our own high standards. Globally. Locally.

As technology improves, so do we.

We assess every activity carried out by our engineers, constantly building, and refining their profiles and credentials based on success. This allows us to choose the very best resource for every job considering the skills, experience and technological capabilities required.

We’re always improving – rewarding positive results and learning as we go, so we can work with our partners to deliver the highest quality possible on every job.

We welcome client feedback and value it as an integral part of choosing our partners, refining our processes, and improving our services.