Connecting today’s users with tomorrow’s technology

Global leadership

All our people have a drive to solve problems; an ambition to make clients happy and a determination to succeed where others have failed.

We’ll be anywhere you need us to be, fast, and we’ll always get the job done.

Yaseen Khan

Chief Executive Officer

In 1997, Yaseen created NSC to be the trusted partner that big companies can rely on to navigate their global IT challenges. Yaseen leads as the CEO, infusing his expert, agile, and entrepreneurial spirit into every aspect of our operations.

A firm believer in hands-on commitment, Yaseen ensures that NSC delivers a genuine commercial advantage.

Rob Pursell

Rob Pursell

Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years in finance, Rob is a chartered accountant who qualified with PwC. He has shaped the financial functions of technology and retail companies, bringing vast international experience from EMEA and Asia to NSC.

Dominic Lanaway

Dominic Lanaway

Chief Client Officer (CCO)

A 25-year veteran in Sales and Marketing, Dominic oversees sales and global expansion. His expertise in scalable growth models and partner ecosystems drives our go-to-market strategies and fosters exponential growth across industries.

Paul Warburton

Paul Warburton

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

With 30 years in IT leadership, including roles at Fujitsu, Paul is a key figure in digital transformation. His strategic insights and experience drive industry innovation and sustainable growth in the evolving tech landscape.