Resolvemos todos os tipos de problemas empresariais.

Grandes, pequenos, longos, curtos, distantes, próximos, relacionados com pessoal ou equipamentos.

Abaixo encontram-se apenas alguns dos problemas que resolvemos recentemente…

Too many engineers? We've 6,500 and counting...

An American multinational telecommunications conglomerate was wasting valuable resource every time a project was paused ... until NSC took up the slack

Need security-conscious logistics? Name the time and place

A global outsourcing partner asked NSC to develop a flexible logistics model suitable for two of the world’s most security-sensitive events – the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences

Tired of replacing tired hardware? Ever considered an opex model?

A global logitics company needed to replace its ageing infrastructure, but many sites lacked the resources to finance the project ... until NSC offered another way

Need security-conscious logistics? We've done that

A global outsourcing partner asked NSC to develop a logistics model suitable for two of the world’s most security-sensitive events – the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences

Transcontinental transformation? Our teams are ready to go

A telco was facing the daunting task of transforming their client's network over 4,000 sites globally ... until NSC stepped in and did it for them

Struggling to close a deal? Deal with our experts

Due to a lack of skilled resource, a major global telco was about to withdraw from an £8m bid to upgrade a client’s network infrastructure ... until they called NSC

Complex global rollout? We'll make it simple

A client asked us to conduct a comprehensive audit of their two data-centres, which had come under strain due to substantial business growth.

Unifying your comms? Let's work together

A client asked us to design and implement a Unified Communications platform for their global business.

Looking to go global? We can take you there

A client needed our help to roll out a new IT infrastructure across their global network.

Need a new data-centre? We want to help

Having suffered several IT outages due to poor data-centre design, our client needed help creating a new, more secure data-centre infrastructure.

Big job? We're here if you need us

Our client won a multi-hundred million pound IT service project and needed a trusted partner to help them roll out the solution across the UK.

Looking to upgrade? We'll do it with no downtime

Due to rapid growth over the last five years, our client needed us to upgrade their WAN infrastructure.

Growing business? We'll give you a network to match

A client needed us to re-evaluate the design of their production network, due to rapid growth in demand for their  service connectivity.

Moving offices? We're already there

The client needed help consolidating the IT infrastructure of two offices into their new headquarters.

Need a managed support service? We'll take care of it

With over 500 corporate customers in 49 countries, our client wanted us to take full responsibility for their global incident management and monitoring centre.

Centralising your it? We'll be wherever you need us

Our client needed us to represent them in order to help centralise the core IT delivery for one of their clients.

Old telephony network? You made the right call

Our client asked us to upgrade their telephony network, which supported 2,500 staff across multiple sites.

Need a global upgrade? Don't worry, we've done it before

Our client needed us to audit and upgrade their IT infrastructure across 300 global sites.

Need a new datacentre? We'll tailor the design for you

Our client needed us to design a new data-centre infrastructure that could ensure the continued success of their business.

Project too big to handle? We'll take care of it for you

Our client needed us to design and implement a new large-scale datacentre.

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