De volgende generatie IT-service waar gestandaardiseerde schaalbaarheid gecombineerd wordt met klantgerichte flexibiliteit.

Case Studies

We lossen allerlei soorten zakelijke problemen op.

Kleine en grote problemen, op de korte en lange termijn, dichtbij en ver weg, menselijke en mechanische.

Hieronder een paar recente voorbeelden…

Rapid design and rollout of ‘Non Stand Alone’ 5G network capability for leading service provider

A leading UK digital communications company, needed to rapidly design and deploy a ‘Non-Stand-Alone’ (NSA) 5G network capability to maintain its prominent position in the UK market, and avoid losing ground to its competitors

An agile workforce solution at scale for telecoms giant

In the dynamic telecommunications sector, where project demands vary, a multinational conglomerate with a sizable workforce faced difficulties in managing resource fluctuations effectively.

Scalable and secure resourcing success for high-stakes events

A global outsourcing giant required a secure logistics model that adhered to the specific requirements of the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences – two of the most security-sensitive events in the world.

Seamless telco transformation for global banking group

A US multinational telco had been hired to transform the IP telephony infrastructure for an international banking group, but with 4,000 sites to transform globally and no downtime permitted, it was looking like a tall order.

Tired of replacing tired hardware? Ever considered an opex model?

A global logitics company needed to replace its ageing infrastructure, but many sites lacked the resources to finance the project ... until NSC offered another way

Need security-conscious logistics? We’ve done that

A global outsourcing partner asked NSC to develop a logistics model suitable for two of the world’s most security-sensitive events – the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences

Struggling to close a deal? Deal with our experts

Due to a lack of skilled resource, a major global telco was about to withdraw from an £8m bid to upgrade a client’s network infrastructure ... until they called NSC

Complex global rollout? We’ll make it simple

A client asked us to conduct a comprehensive audit of their two data-centres, which had come under strain due to substantial business growth.

Unifying your comms? Let’s work together

A client asked us to design and implement a Unified Communications platform for their global business.

Looking to go global? We can take you there

A client needed our help to roll out a new IT infrastructure across their global network.

Need a new data-centre? We want to help

Having suffered several IT outages due to poor data-centre design, our client needed help creating a new, more secure data-centre infrastructure.

Big job? We’re here if you need us

Our client won a multi-hundred million pound IT service project and needed a trusted partner to help them roll out the solution across the UK.