De volgende generatie IT-service waar gestandaardiseerde schaalbaarheid gecombineerd wordt met klantgerichte flexibiliteit.

Case Studies

We lossen allerlei soorten zakelijke problemen op.

Kleine en grote problemen, op de korte en lange termijn, dichtbij en ver weg, menselijke en mechanische.

Hieronder een paar recente voorbeelden…

Need a new network? We’ll make one just for you

Our client had a significant Cisco estate reaching the end of its life and needed a brand new network architecture.

Need a virtual solution? We’ll make it happen

With growth restricted by the limitations of their data–centre, a client asked us to migrate them to a virtualised environment.

Project trickier than you thought? We’ll simplify it

Our client’s multi-million dollar integration program had stalled due to the complexity of the global roll-out.

Network performing poorly? We’ll take care of it

Our client was servicing a major UK utility provider, but newly installed applications were performing poorly and putting multi-million pound business benefits at risk.

Need expert staff? You’ve come to the right place

Due to the difficulty of hiring and retaining full-time IT professionals, a client was relying on expensive contract staff and wanted us to find a more cost-efficient solution.

Ageing tech infrastructure? We’ll make it last

A global communications company asked us to help them extend the life of their IT infrastructure, so they could upgrade it properly when budgets allowed.

Upgrading your network? We’ll get you the latest tech, fast

Working with a large telecoms company, we helped deliver the very latest in technology and provide a secure communications environment at the heart of the UK government.

Need security-conscious logistics? We have engineers for that

We were asked by a global outsourcing partner to develop a logistics model that adhered to the stringent needs of two of the most security sensitive events in the world – the Olympic games and the G8 conferences.

Want to go global? We’ll take you there

A large provider of video technology had just partnered with a global telecoms business with the hope of taking their capabilities around the world. Searching for a trusted global partner, they asked us to provide the essential engineering and logistics skills to help them to achieve this.

Global solutions? We’ve got a world of experience

Managing the multiple delivery channels of a $165 billion a day exchange was causing this client several problems in both supply chain and operational delivery – so they came to us for help.

Need mobile support? We’ll be wherever you need us

Delivering live broadcasts from major sporting and news events around the world, this international broadcaster asked us to provide support to their mobile broadcast units.

Networks down? We’re up to the task

A critical network outage in a financial institution’s datacentre left customers in three different countries unable to complete any kind of transactions.