De volgende generatie IT-service waar gestandaardiseerde schaalbaarheid gecombineerd wordt met klantgerichte flexibiliteit.

Case Studies

We lossen allerlei soorten zakelijke problemen op.

Kleine en grote problemen, op de korte en lange termijn, dichtbij en ver weg, menselijke en mechanische.

Hieronder een paar recente voorbeelden…

Need expert people? Look no further

A major Global Telecoms company needed to deliver a large amount of project work. However, they didn’t have enough staff and couldn’t acquire more due to a global hiring freeze.

Tight for time? We’ll get it done

A client needed to deliver a highly visible Government program in a very tight timeframe and was at the point of incurring significant penalties

Need increased capacity? We’ve got it covered

A major Mobile Telecoms company wanted to increase their network capacity to over 100GB, to allow their customers to uninterruptedly stream the 2016 European Championship Football finals.

Looking for expert people? You’ve found them

Due to a lack of skilled resource, a major global Telecoms Company was about to withdraw from an £8m bid to upgrade a client’s network infrastructure.

Impossibly tight deadlines? We work around the clock

To prevent our client from suffering millions of pounds worth of penalties, we were asked to migrate 280 devices from IBM to Wipro at very short notice and with tight delivery timescales.

Need engineers overnight? We’ll bring coffee

A global premium car brand needed to upgrade the hardware and software in 10 UK showrooms overnight. If anything went wrong, none of the showrooms would be able to trade the next day.

Lost your data? We know just where to look

A major international organisation had accidentally remotely wiped valuable data on over 1,000 PCs in 53 locations in 5 different countries – and they needed help it getting back.

70,000 clients to please? We’ll send someone round

San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium was experiencing technical issues with the technology that controlled its lighting and Jumbo Tron. With an event less than 24 hours away and all eyes guaranteed to be on the screen, they needed the issues resolved immediately.

Big job in a short timeframe? We’ll fit you in

One of the world’s largest financial companies asked us to cost-effectively upgrade 5,000 computers in 120 different locations over a single weekend.

Need mobile maintenance? We’ll be right there

Our client was holding a national conference for their employees and wanted us to conduct maintenance on their entire workforce’s mobile devices, while they were all together.

Updating your IT infrastructures? We’ll get it done with zero downtime

An international sporting organising committee needed help with the design and setup of a new infrastructure that connected all their competition venues to a central location.

Broadcasting live? We’ll make it happen in 3, 2, 1…

An international accountancy firm needed a trusted global partner to help set up a company-wide live broadcast in 39 different locations around the world, at very short notice.