Lost your data? We know just where to look

A major international organisation had accidentally remotely wiped valuable data on over 1,000 PCs in 53 locations in 5 different countries – and they needed help it getting back.

The client

A major international organisation, operating 24/7 throughout Europe.

The challenge

The client had accidentally deleted valuable data on over 1000 PC’s and needed emergency assistance over a weekend to recover the data.

53 client locations in 5 European countries were affected and the remote co-ordination of such large-scale field engineering activities needed to be managed personally by our Major Incident Manager.

The solution

We mobilised over 40 qualified Field Engineers from 8 different countries, so they could re-format the computers and recover the lost data in person. This was completed on over 1,000 PCs in just 3 days.

The results

• We successfully recovered all the lost data on 1,000 PCs in 5 different countries, in just 3 days

• At very short notice we mobilised 40 highly qualified engineers from across Europe