Tired of replacing tired hardware? Ever considered an opex model?

A global logitics company needed to replace its ageing infrastructure, but many sites lacked the resources to finance the project … until NSC offered another way

The challenge

A large global logistics company was in dire need of refreshing their ageing network infrastructure to allow them to standardise and rollout global platforms, seamlessly, as part of a standardisation initiative.

Many geographical locations didn’t have networking equipment fit for purpose and would become a risk to the programme if they stayed using dated and End of Life equipment.

As the IT departments worked independently, many had no budget to support the standardisation programme.

The solution

For those countries that required the refresh but didn’t have the budget, NSC were able to provide an Equipment-As-A-Service model which included full IOR service and delivery of the CPE as well as seamless installation by our Global Field Engineering resources.

This meant the whole business could transform the network at the same time to allow the rollout of new applications and services over the network, across a standardised architecture.

The results

• Successful implementation of a standardised network enabling cost saving applications to be delivered

• The Equipment-As-A-Service model enabled EOL equipment to be refreshed removing points of failure and risk from the network

• With the successful refresh the customer is now providing a better quality of service to their internal as well as external customers