VMware Helps Secure the World’s Digital Infrastructure and Anywhere Workspaces

VMware announced innovations to better secure the world’s digital infrastructure and anywhere workspaces. To address the changing threat landscape, VMware is redefining security to help organisations better protect all control points and simplifying Zero-Trust security.

“Attacks are more destructive, adversaries are more sophisticated, and breaches are more damaging than ever before,” said Patrick Morley, senior vice president and general manager, security business unit, VMware. “We are now at a fundamental inflection point and must put the power back in the hands of defenders. It’s time for a new approach to security that is simpler, faster, and smarter to help keep the world safe from cyberattacks.”

“Between the rapid move to cloud, the adoption of new tools, and the lack of collaboration between security and DevOps teams, we’ve entered an era of complexity never seen before,” said Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Security & Trust at IDC. “Complexity is the enemy of security and by default, resiliency. Organisations are still getting breached because we haven’t put security first in our digital transformation initiatives. VMware looks to provide security teams with a simplified, built-in approach to defend against emerging threats faster and smarter.”

Simplifying Zero-Trust Security to Gain Better Visibility and Control of the Digital Infrastructure

To effectively implement a Zero-Trust approach, organisations need real-time intelligence to orchestrate security controls across distributed environments. VMware continues to build security into digital infrastructure to help customers gain authoritative context from their environments and reduce the attack surface without adding operational complexity. This connected approach brings together critical user control points, devices, workloads and networks with the necessary data from all sources for a simpler, faster and smarter Zero-Trust strategy.

Better Secure the Anywhere Workspace Without Compromising Experience

The way we work has changed forever. To address the shift to distributed workforces and the new and unprecedented security challenges, VMware introduced VMware Anywhere Workspace, a solution designed to help companies deliver better and more secure experiences to their employees no matter where they are in the world. VMware Anywhere Workspace brings together VMware Workspace ONE, VMware SASE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud, empowering anywhere organisations to manage multi-modal employee experience, better secure the distributed edge, and automate the workspace.

Better Secure the Data Centre Faster and More Intelligently

VMware threat research found(1) that despite a cadre of perimeter defenses being deployed, malicious actors are actively operating in the network. Enterprises need a better way to defend the large volumes of internal (east/west) network traffic flowing within data centres against cyberattacks. The VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall is the only distributed, scale-out internal firewall capable of 20 Tbps throughput that protects all east-west traffic across all workloads without network changes. It includes a stateful L4-L7 firewall, an intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS), network sandbox, and behavior-based network traffic analysis. With the NSX Service-defined Firewall, security teams can better protect the data centre traffic across virtual, physical, containerised, and cloud workloads from internal threats and avoid damage from threats that make it past the network perimeter.

Better Secure Modern Applications and Cloud Workloads to Enable a Dynamic and Flexible Workspace

Organisations surveyed by VMware, report that 90 percent of application initiatives are focused on modernisation(2). VMware helps better protect modern application environments with VMware Carbon Black Cloud Container and the VMware Modern Application Connectivity solution. VMware Carbon Black Cloud Container analyses and controls application risks before they are deployed into production, better enabling collaboration between InfoSec and DevOps teams to reduce risk and protect public cloud and on-premises Kubernetes environments. The VMware Modern Apps Connectivity solution offers a rich set of integrated application delivery services that enable operators to centrally manage end-to-end application traffic routing, resiliency, and security policies across multi-site environments and clouds.

Redefining Security for VMware Customers and Partners

Angel MedFlight helps patients and their families reach hospitals across the country for specialised care.

“Angel MedFlight relies heavily on VMware’s product lines, whether it’s our Workspace ONE deployment, our use of SD-WAN or our use of Carbon Black solutions to help secure our environment,” said Paul Green, Chief Development Officer at Angel MedFlight. “Our focus needs to be entirely on our patients and our patients’ families, so having a scalable solution that’s out of the box is critical. VMware delivers that single pane of glass.”

World Wide Technology provides digital strategy, innovative technology, and supply chain solutions to large public and private organisations around the globe.

“With VMware, our security teams and our operations teams can maintain the single pane of glass they’re used to using,” said Matt Berry, Principal Security Advisor at World Wide Technology. “Through leveraging VMware Carbon Black Cloud and vCenter capabilities, our teams can easily maintain visibility without losing functionality.”

Red Canary enables every organisation to make its greatest impact without fear of cyberattacks.

“We’re seeing a massive surge in cyberattacks, which has put a strain on the incident response providers of the world,” said Chris Rothe, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Red Canary. “VMware Carbon Black has always been one of the best incident response tools available to defenders. The VMware security solutions have helped us amid this increase in attacks as we’re able to quickly get a handle on a breach and turn the tide against the bad guys.”

Courtesy of: enterpriseitworld