NSC Global launches scalable end-to-end networking solution for today’s hybrid workforce

Making working from anywhere a reality with next generation Wi-Fi

London – NSC Global, the world’s largest independently owned IT services company, has launched Cableless Enterprise© to support the new hybrid workforce with secure and seamless connectivity.

Using Wi-Fi 6 and SD-WAN technology, NSC Global’s Cableless Enterprise leverages OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) and WPA3, a new security protocol, to provide a secure and scalable end-to-end networking solution with the reliability of a cabled network – even when adding dozens of additional Wi-Fi devices on a single network.

“The need for an effective and secure digital workplace will play a critical role in helping futureproof businesses and respond to new challenges,” said Yaseen Khan, Chief Executive Officer, NSC Global.

“This new way of working will rely on innovative ways to communicate, collaborate and streamline work across all devices to maintain business continuity. We’re empowering our customers to build more flexibility into their work days as we head into a hybrid workplace model regardless of location.”

The announcement follows the earlier expansion of NSC Global’s portfolio of integrated Managed Workplace Service (MWS) offerings with Anytime, Anywhere, that helps increase business productivity by enabling equal collaboration through a secure digital workplace – regardless of location. 

NSC Global’s Cableless Enterprise will further enable businesses to:

  • Improve network performance – Wi-Fi 6 delivers speeds of up to 250% faster than Wi-Fi 5 providing greatly enhanced performancewith the reliability of a cabled network
  • Accelerate wireless adoption – Combining Wi-Fi 6 with SD-WAN technology securely extends the ‘workplace’ experience into all conceivable remote working environments
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring – Target Wake Time (TWT) allows battery-powered IoT devices and sensors to manage their radio power more efficiently – extending battery life and reducing spectral congestion in areas with a high density of devices
  • Enhance user experience and connectivity – Intelligent power monitoring means extended battery life and reduced spectral congestion in areas with a high density of devices
  • Rapidly scale on demand – Industry-leading technology with a standardised design allows for highly efficient network deployment and seamless expansion while OFDMA technology supports dozens of simultaneous high-bandwidth connections allowing each user access to the bandwidth they need, when they need it
  • Reduce costs – Using wireless technologies there’s no need to upgrade and manage a LAN network infrastructure

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