Not just technical support, but an end-to-end workplace service solution for a changing world

Flexible packages

Our services can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your specific technology needs.

Scaleable reach

Each package can be adapted for remote, office or hybrid working.

Cost effective

Whatever your requirements we will provide the services you need for the price you want.

Help your employees work smarter

Managing your digital workplace is a complex and challenging business.

Securing a technology service that avoids a patchwork of vendors and has the agility and flexibility to adapt quickly to rapidly changing technology requirements is tough.

Aligning your service with your business and digital transformation goals whilst keeping up with the pace of change in the technology world is even harder.

Finding the people and the skills to provide the required service with consistent management, accountability and ownership is the dream.

Add to this, a global shift to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for an effective, secure digital workplace accessible at anytime and from anywhere is greater than ever.

NSC’s new integrated workplace services offering ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ is your answer to a productive and empowered workforce wherever that workplace might be.

NSC’s three core Managed Workplace Service (MWS) offerings have been adapted to meet these changing requirements and can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your specific technology needs.

Each offering contains multiple services that complement and add value to the others, creating an end-to-end value chain that brings advantages to your end users, your IT and your business.

All of our MWS offerings can be delivered, anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

Our services can be adapted wherever your workforce may be, whether that’s:

  • On-premises or office-based
  • A remote workforce, either 100% home or OOO
  • A hybrid combination of any of the above NEW & IMPROVED



The ‘Workplace Connect’ service streamlines IT service delivery. Our 360 Hub provides the convenience of a single portal for access to IT services, with the flexibility to choose from multiple service and support options using any device, at any time, from anywhere. Whether your end users connect by phone, email, web, video or face to face, they will receive the full NSC service experience wherever their workplace might be.

Not only does it simplify the process for the end user, but also the business. NSC can manage your existing contracts and relationships with third-party service providers and internal business functions too.

  • This is not just technical support, but a 360 end-to-end customer service solution.
  • Whilst the portal starts with online self-servicing and self-healing, we offer a 24/7 support line where you can speak to a human being to resolve any issues you may have.
  • Ultimately, Workplace Connect is a single secure destination for all IT service and support needs, and a secure gateway to employee data, applications and cloud services.



‘Workplace Execute’ is our core workplace service, adapted for a changing world. This solution ensures that your employees are productive, supported and connected, minimising downtime and increasing satisfaction across your workforce.

Deskside support has changed too – our NSC engineers are now available to troubleshoot ‘virtually’ by video connection, all can help with all employee issues.

All of this anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Remote ‘deskside’ support –face to face, phone, email
  • Virtual video support NEW
  • IT kiosks, tech bar service
  • IMACD service – install, moves, adds, changes and deletions
  • Hardware break and fix service
  • Smart locker service – for hardware pick up and drop off


  • VIP Package – personalised services for exec-level individuals available across all ‘Executive’ services
  • Hypercare Package – senior tech support, oversight and accelerated response for business-critical functions



NSC’s ‘Workplace Manage’ service offering proactively manages a range of software, systems and security services all with the primary focus on the ‘Employee First User Experience’.

Reduce the overhead and complexity of managing your end user environment and consolidate and transform the entire workplace, securely connecting your employees to the services, data and information they need.

Devices & Applications

A full software & systems lifecycle management solution to support your employees anytime, anywhere on any connected or mobile device. We can manage licencing and service subscription plans.

Identity & Security

  • Employee identity and endpoint security management. Powered by analytics and AI – NSC will audit, design, configure monitor, update and enforce employee and device endpoint, identity-based polices and robust enterprise class endpoint security.
  • Persona & Profile, authentication and authorization management.


  • Connect your remote employees and facilitate collaboration and teamwork with simple, multi-way communication tools that work anywhere, anytime and on any device. All fully managed and supported by NSC.



The Services

  • 24×7 phone access
  • 24×7 web portal access
  • 24×7 mail contact access
  • 24×7 monitoring of your equipment
  • 24×7 integrated access to your tools
  • 24×7 self-healing portal
  • 24×7 virtual/video support
  • 5×8 virtual/video support



The Services (on-site)

  • Next business day on-site intervention (per ticket)
  • Same business day on-site intervention (per ticket)
  • 5×8 on-site support service (Techbar/IT kiosk)
  • 24×7 on-site support service (Techbar/IT kiosk)
  • 5×8 on-site support service (deskside)
  • 24×7 on-site support service (deskside)
  • 5×8 workplace replacement service
  • 24×7 workplace replacement service
  • Local ‘Smart Locker’ solution
  • VIP workplace support service



The Services (physical workplace)

  • Customized activity reporting
  • LifeCycle management solution (per user)
  • Customer image deployment
  • Customized image preparation & deployment
  • OS patch solution management (per user)
  • Software provision solution (per software)
  • Identity, profile & access solution
  • End point security solution
  • ‘Workplace as a Service’ solution
  • Add on installation
  • Customer data transfer
  • Remote expert & consultant

The Services (digital workplace)

  • Virtual desktop solution (per user)
  • Office 365 solution (per user)
  • MS Teams solution (per user)
  • Collaboration tools solution
  • Identity, profile & access solution
  • Customized digital solution (Private/Public/Hybrid)
  • ‘Workplace as a Service’ solution
  • Customer data transfer
  • Remote expert & consultant

NSC – Anytime Anywhere

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