IBM, HCL Technologies partner to set up cybersecurity solutions for clients

HCL’s Cybersecurity Fusion Centres will draw upon IBM’s Cloud Pak to create a unified platform for connecting security teams, tools and processes across the threat lifecycle.

IBM Security, the tech giant’s enterprise security products and services arm, said Tuesday it has partnered with technology services firm HCL Technologies to help unify and streamline threat management for clients through a modernised security operation center (SOC) platform.

HCL’s Cybersecurity Fusion Centres will be designed to take advantage of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Security, to help create a unified security platform to connect security teams, tools and processes across the threat lifecycle. This collaboration builds on HCL and IBM’s recent alliance expansion to help organizations with digital transformation.

IBM’s Cloud Paks essentially allow customers to easily onboard onto cloud depending on the vantage points, plan and adopt cloud, and and on an ongoing basis to run this for what we call day two operations.

“Many companies today are struggling with the complexity of security operations amidst cloud adoption and fragmented IT infrastructure, which can hamper their ability to discover and respond to threats,” said Justin Youngblood, Vice President, IBM Security. “Modern security demands an open platform that leverages AI and automation to help security operations teams connect disparate tools, provide insights and orchestrate response across hybrid cloud environments. With this collaboration, HCL and IBM are modernizing security operations and helping clients accelerate their security outcomes,” he added.

HCL’s Cybersecurity Fusion Centers provide threat management services to clients around the world through six global security operations and response facilities. IBM’s Cloud Pak for Security will serve as the foundation to connect security tools, data and workflows with HCL customers. Cloud Pak for Security is an open, containerized software platform which allows companies to quickly integrate a wide range of security data, tools and clouds for deeper insights into threats across hybrid cloud environments.

“Enterprises operating in today’s fast-moving digital world need a cybersecurity strategy capable of tackling increasingly sophisticated threats. Collaboration is key in the cybersecurity industry to build and implement the solutions to stay one step ahead. This collaboration enables us to enhance the service that we provide to our clients and to combine the threat detection and response technologies with the development of technological processes and the experience of our professionals across all areas of cybersecurity” said Maninder Singh, Corporate Vice President, Cyber Security Services at HCL Technologies.

HCL is part of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem, an initiative to support partners of all types — whether they build on, service or resell IBM technologies and platforms — to help clients manage and modernize workloads with Red Hat OpenShift (owned by IBM) for any cloud environment, including the IBM public cloud.

Courtesy of: Neha Alawadhi