Servicios informáticos de última generación, en los que la escalabilidad estandarizada se une a la flexibilidad a medida.

Casos prácticos

Resolvemos todo tipo de problemas empresariales.

Grandes, pequeños, de larga duración, breves, remotos, próximos, de personal, de equipos, etc.

A continuación, incluimos algunos ejemplos de proyectos realizados recientemente:

IT Emergency? We’re here to help

One of our Global IT partners asked us to provide emergency services for one of their clients over a weekend, at very short notice. Their client, a multinational drinks company, was having trouble with their global computer network and needed everything resolved before Monday morning.

Unhappy customers? We’ll make them smile again

Unhappy with the quality, structure and staffing of its key North American service desk, this international IT services provider asked us to streamline the service.

Inefficient Processes? We’ll efficiently sort them out

With more than 3,000 suppliers worldwide, this international provider of IT solutions asked us to help them reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Skyrocketing costs? We’ll bring them down to earth

One of the world’s largest telecoms companies was struggling to hire and retain skilled IT staff for its two European network operation centres (NOCs).