YouCPE™ – The uCPE that works for you

What is universal CPE (uCPE)?

Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) simplifies your network by removing the need to buy, install, operate and maintain racks full of specialised, single-purpose network devices and replacing it all with one single physical appliance running multiple virtualised services.

The uCPE network appliance is installed into your business location and managed remotely by a uCPE orchestrator, meaning that changes to your network are now software-driven and can deployed at the press of a button, without the need to send IT personnel to site.

As a concept, uCPE promises to drive a huge transformational shift in enterprise networking by:

Enhancing security, enabling innovation and future-proofing your network

Reducing costs and maximising return on your network investment

Breaking vendor lock-in and increasing the agility of your IT department

Providing greater choice and genuine flexibility

While enterprise adoption of uCPE is predicted to triple year-on-year, unfortunately many of the uCPE solutions currently on the market don’t deliver on the promises listed above. This is because these solutions are used as a vehicle to introduce pre-defined managed services into your business, rather than provide a platform to cater to your needs. This ultimately prevents your business realising all of the transformational benefits that are possible with uCPE.

What is nsc} YouCPE™?

nsc} YouCPE is the uCPE solution for the enterprise that delivers on the promises, giving you unmatched choice and flexibility to unlock the potential of your network.
Key benefits of YouCPE:

Available in multiple hardware specifications

Managed by our hosted YouCPE Orchestrator

Installed and supported anywhere in the world by our Global Field Engineers

Operated by our 24x7x365 Global Network Operations Centre

Why choose nsc} YouCPE™ as your uCPE solution?

WAN CARRIER INDEPENDENT?NoYes – YouCPETM platform is WAN carrier and location agnostic
HOSTED uCPE ORCHESTRATOR?NoYes – YouCPETM orchestrator layer is provided as a service so you have a consistent and globally managed platform.
OPTIMIZED FOR VNF EFFICIENCY?NoYes – YouCPETM is optimised so you have more hardware resources to run and power your VNFs.
FULL CHOICE OF VNFS?NoYes – YouCPETM gives unlimited VNF choice and configuration so you can choose the VNFs to fit your business needs.
FULL CHOICE OF VNF SERVICE MODEL?NoYes – YouCPETM offers multiple service model options so you can choose the model that meets your requirements.

Unlike other uCPE solutions, YouCPETM has been designed specifically to keep the options open at every turn, allowing you to shape the solution to fit the unique needs of your business and make uCPE work for you.

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YouCPE™ – The uCPE that works for you