Our values

We reach greater heights with values to stand on

We put our clients first

We’re determined

We over-deliver

We exceed targets and expectations

We look for added value in everything

We value our people

Yaseen Khan, our CEO, founded NSC with the aim of providing world-class customer service to a small number of global companies.

Today we have thousands of people who share that philosophy, with the drive to solve problems, get things done and make our clients happy.

And we know that happy people are effective people – so we train and treat our teams well, we incentivise and we make sure every one of our global offices is a great place to work.

We take our responsibilities seriously

As experts in IT networks, logistics, infrastructure and service delivery, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods, and to encourage our customers, suppliers and all business associates to do the same.

We utilise our influence and resources in order to address worldwide issues; contribute to healthy economies that provide opportunities for all to thrive; and make a positive impact on people around the world.

We aim to put sustainability at the heart of our thinking and way of operating. By working together with our business partners and like-minded organisations today, we can truly create greater social, economic, and environmental value for the betterment of everyone’s tomorrow.

NSC has published our first report to this effect under the globally applicable SASB standards for Software and IT Services, that provide industry specific guidance to enable the identification of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues most relevant to our industry.