NSC’s new SmartTeam App

A bespoke field services app designed specifically for field engineers to provide customers with a single point of contact throughout the lifecycle of a project or activity.

What is the NSC SmartTeam app?

It is a bespoke field services app designed specifically for field engineers to provide customers with a single point of contact, improved transparency and a better quality of service.

The app is available to customers on Android, iPhone and Web and uses Geo-location to track the arrival and status of their field engineer, delivering advanced and transparent communication with progress updates for all stakeholders.

“We were offered the opportunity to be one of NSC Global ’s first customers to trial its bespoke Field Services App, said Samuel Jurca, CarMax, Technical Project Lead. SmartTeam™ has transformed our IT service delivery. We are now able to share information on the equipment required, see our field engineer’s location and journey times – all in one place. This has also resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of calls, as we have automatic updates, providing us with complete visibility of location and status.”

NSC’s new SmartTeam™ App – complimentary upgrade

NSC’s bespoke field services app, designed specifically for field engineers to provide customers with a single point of contact, improved transparency and a better quality of service, is now available as a complimentary enhancement across all FE dispatch services.

Listen to CEO, Yaseen Khan, talk about the app and the story behind it.

What are the benefits of the app? How does this help our customers?

The app hosts real time information in a single source that helps customers and field engineers make the most of their time, prompting increased collaboration to deliver projects more successfully.

We developed the SmartTeam™ app with everyone in mind – our customers, our field engineers and our Activity Assurance team. The app will simultaneously support our Activity Assurance team, who are responsible for tracking and helping our engineers during engagements, while allowing both the field engineers and our customers complete transparency of location and status – wherever they are – anytime, anywhere.


Accelerated deployment times mean significant cost savings for the customer


Increased transparency of the status of activity or project lifecycle keeps customers updated 24/7


Automatic updates reduce the number of logistical calls and communications required


A connected and empowered workforce means greater accountability and productivity


The live chat function provides real time communication and collaboration for all stakeholders


Live chat

The chat feature allows the FE and customer (and all project stakeholders where required) to communicate in real time, helping to avoid problems or delays. Everything from small questions about access and parking to major unexpected changes can now be communicated in real time to all stakeholders the activity in the app.


Map tracking

FE map tracking enables all observers of the activity to see exactly when the FE is due on-site allowing everyone involved to plan the activity start with confidence. For example, if there are unexpected traffic delays this will be visible to everyone observing – no more wondering where the FE is.


Push notifications

Push notifications ensure all engineers are reminded of their scheduled activity and any last-minute updates or changes. The transparency of engineers’ location and status provided by the app removes the need for manual updates.


Real time updates

The real-time status updates and in app collaboration between the FE and all customer stake-holders (project manager, site contact, central engineer, delivery manager) increases logistical efficiency ensuring any misunderstandings are avoided and time sensitive information is shared automatically.

Which NSC services use the new SmartTeam app?

The SmartTeam™ app is available across all FE dispatch for on-site Network and Workplace smart hands services, including:

  • Device installation
  • LAN & WI-FI surveys
  • Moves, adds and changes
  • Decommissioning
  • End user support
  • Turnups
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting

The SmartTeam™ app is uniquely designed to transform IT service delivery from a slow, manual process into one driven by real time information – delivering faster and improved outcomes and proactively avoiding problems before they happen.

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