Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Flexible, consistent security – know who is on your network and know what is on your network.

What does SASE offer?

Flexible, consistent security – know who is on your network and know what is on your network.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, enterprises must remain agile and adopt new security solutions quickly and cost-effectively. As many components of SASE solutions are predominantly cloud-based, SASE combines a comprehensive range of security functions that are constantly being upgraded with the latest features and fixes, meaning the enterprise always has the most up-to-date protection against unauthorised access to your network and business data.


Barriers to adoption

When it comes to security, enterprises must be increasingly agile. However, according to Computer Weekly’s IT Priorities 2022 survey, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has so far failed to break through, with only 6% incorporating it into their investment plans for 2022.

One of the main reasons for this is complexity – since SASE is an architecture, there is no single answer to a SASE implementation. This means that SASE adoption is a journey that will be driven as much by your own organisation’s existing security investments and capabilities as it will by your desired end state. As a result, selecting the right SASE solution for your organisation requires a careful, methodical yet flexible approach.


How can NSC help?

Businesses need simplicity, scalability and flexibility – so before adopting a SASE solution, you need an appropriate strategy around assessing SASE to understand how your business requirements can best be addressed.

NSC assisting you on your SASE journey:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership: A single platform approach and reducing or eliminating capex and opex costs
  • Reduce complexity: Simplify your architecture by consolidating key networking and security functions from disparate point products into single solutions, all easily managed from a single management system
  • Optimise performance: Leveraging cloud availability, users can easily and securely connect to the Internet, applications, and corporate resources wherever they are located.

To find out more about how we are helping our clients at NSC to secure their enterprises or to discuss your security requirements, please get in touch with: