Optimizing your IT operations with NSC’s comprehensive infrastructure management solutions.

Global Onsite Customer Care (GOCC)

Unmatched Customer Care Across the Globe

In the realm of IT environment management, NSC’s Global Onsite Customer Care (GOCC) stands out by providing unparalleled customer care. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering customised support solutions that comprehend the unique context of your business.

Tailored Deskside Support

Our Customised Care ensures that every aspect of your deskside support is tailored to your needs. We create support plans that are as unique as your business, providing you with the autonomy to focus on core activities while we manage the complexities of your IT environment.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Effortless Resolution is at the heart of our deskside support services. With our robust infrastructure, we adeptly handle over a million service tickets every month, resolving issues swiftly to ensure seamless operations.

Expert Field Tech Services

We deploy more than 550 campus and dispatch field techs globally, dedicated to providing top-tier onsite services. Supported by 200 service desk agents, we cater to all aspects of workplace services, resolving an impressive 1,000,000+ tickets a month for clients worldwide.

Expert Global IT Support for Diverse Needs

NSC’s Global Maintenance Services are the backbone of some of the largest global companies, offering expert support across over 100 countries to numerous end devices.

Customised Expert Support Services

Our experience in global IT support is unmatched, providing seamless deskside and remote capabilities tailored to your operational workflow. With service available in 100 countries, our expert field engineers deliver customised solutions right where you need them.

Strategic Global Logistics

Our logistics network spans the globe, featuring multiple hubs and a vast array of spares, ensuring that replacement parts are always within reach. This robust infrastructure underpins our commitment to continuous service improvement and deskside support excellence.

Guaranteed Service Levels

We don’t just promise exceptional service — we guarantee it. Our service level agreements are underpinned by continuous measurement, reporting, and improvement, setting the standard for global IT support and customer care.