Guaranteeing availability for your business critical systems

When IT is central to your business, it’s simply not acceptable for your infrastructure or its components to be unavailable. You need the ability to be responsive to incidents – and be able to avoid damage and potential failures.

In addition, your IT department needs to implement best practices during any digital transformation, to ensure IT service levels are always met, and can continually adapt to the needs of businesses.

Our Expertise Centres can help with all of this – offering end-to-end monitoring with capacity planning, Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and high availability services for mission-critical IT and facilities.

Did you know?

Disruption of just 20 minutes in IT production can cost the average large company up to €1 million

With our Expertise Centres, any downtime or costs associated with recovering from a system failure are minimised.

Our highly skilled network of advanced technology specialists, based in centres across the world, offer top-tier support for your enterprise and multi-vendor infrastructure.

We currently provide support to 10 of the world’s largest data centres – and over 200 in total. State-of-the-art technology is on hand to monitor enterprise equipment anywhere across the globe, at any time – to prevent issues, pro-actively detect and solve problems, and implement next-generation tech evolutions.

The result? Your system and storage infrastructure availability is guaranteed, both in the short and long term.

Guaranteed availability


With permanent remote monitoring


To top-tier experts


Thanks to regular availability reports

Guaranteed availability, with industrial scale services

Taking a service centre-type approach, our service has been specifically designed for more complex systems and the most critical environments.

Using state-of-the-art tools and a highly skilled team of experts, our Expertise Centres act as ‘mission control’, operating 24/7 and offering high added value secure services, including:

  • Proactive behavioural analysis of your infrastructure.
  • Ongoing monitoring to react instantly to any alert.

This service applies to AIX, GCOS, Linux and Windows environments with EMC, NetApp or IBM storage arrays.


Resource optimisation can deliver energy savings of up to 30% in the Data Centre


The availability of critical applications – often closely linked to revenues – can also be improved by over 15%


When it comes to support, response levels can see improvements of 30%

Customised to your needs

Different service levels are available (monitoring, alerts, analysis, recommendations) –and these can be adjusted depending on how critical the applications are to your organisation.

This means technical and human resources are used more effectively, data analysis can be more proactive – and your organisation has much greater control over how your infrastructure evolves.

Our guarantees

Our Expertise Centres will ensure real-time total visibility of all elements of the infrastructure, applications and utilities, to encourage greater integration of service processes. We’ll provide all the necessary expertise to help your IT department achieve the service quality levels that the business expects.

High availability services

We offer different service levels, each of which take into account how critical your environments are to your business.

Our Expertise Centres deliver remote monitoring services, including high availability and unified monitoring. Fully industrialised and secure, they offer round-the-clock service.


The Gold Service offers the following:

  • Guarantees to have your systems up and running again within eight hours
  • Remote, fully managed, vendor agnostic, 24×7 monitoring services
  • Direct response from our Expertise Centre for all hardware or software problems through to resolution


The Platinum Service offers the following in addition to the Gold Service:

  • Guaranteed minimum annual availability of 99.90% – equivalent to less than 8.42 hours total machine downtime a year
  • Expertise Centres delivering additional high availability and unified monitoring services allowing us to gain critical insight into your technology environment
  • Event Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Crisis Situation Management, and on-site engineering resource when required together with quarterly operations reports and metrics


The Platinum Plus Service offers the following in addition to the Platinum Service:

  • 99.99% annual availability guarantee – equivalent to less than 50 minutes total machine downtime a year
  • Proactive monitoring and optimisation of your server, storage and network infrastructures, providing real-time detection and diagnosis of performance issues
  • Customised and comprehensive quarterly reporting providing insight and analysis of Event, Incident, Intervention and Problem Management together with regular Customer Satisfaction and SLA attainment reviews


As information systems become ever more complex, controlling resources is becoming an increasingly difficult and strategic task.

Capacity Planning gives your IT department an accurate view of how your IT resources are used over time, so they can be adjusted to meet current and future user needs.


Our Expertise Centres can actively help you implement DCIM solutions, including resource mapping, measuring real-time data centre utilisation rates and assessing the impact of a project on the available resources.


While technologies such as cloud and virtualisation are convenient and flexible, they also increase complexity – so operational indicators are often limited to raw technical data, isolated into silos.

With our End to End Monitoring services, you get an integrated view of the performance of all layers of the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures: from data on to energy, IT and non-IT components right through the intermediate layers up to applications.

You can also monitor the health of your IT in real time. End to End Monitoring will provide alerts, dashboards and custom reports reflecting service performance, all accessible by you via a secure portal.

The benefits to your organisation

Optimise the day-to-day performance and availability of your systems, thanks to detailed knowledge of how your infrastructure is used. Trends monitoring allows you to anticipate any changes that may be needed.

Manage change effectively due to version change monitoring for both firmware and software, with personalised recommendations.

Take advantage of our wide experience, gained from numerous different customer environments, and continually enhanced through an improvement process covering all the services delivered.

Call on personalised consultancy and support services, with traceability and extensive global capabilities in diagnostics and correlation analysis. We offer a powerful combination of technology trend-spotting, global vision and operational expertise, to play the role of a ‘performance architect’, boosting your infrastructure performance and working alongside your teams for the long term.

A one stop shop for all of the services you need for your critical assets (storage, server, network, software). Transform your IT CAPEX spending into an OPEX managed service or “IT as a Service” approach.


Your 24/7 single point of contact, for complete peace of mind.


Getting you what you need fast, wherever you are in the world.

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