NSC’s Customer Service Portal is an integral part of the services we deliver to our customers.

Included at no cost, and as part of any NSC service, the portal offers a high degree of visibility, and enables customers to ensure they get the best from NSC services.

To log an Incident, Change or Enquiry on the Portal please click here

NSC’s Customer Service Portal is built on BMC Remedyforce / Salesforce1 — the world’s most widely used cloud platform — to deliver complete IT service management functionality with the secure social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities users expect.

• Intuitive administration and configuration
• Personalised self-service gives our clients access to their service offerings
• Automation and integration reduce manual handling and streamline service delivery
• Dashboards and analytics deliver comprehensive data for informed decisions.

NSC are an IT solutions company. We help solve problems that companies don’t even know they have. We have the resources, expertise and supplier network that get things working, when you want them to work and keep them working so you don’t have to worry about them. And we’re looking forward to seeing what we are asked to do next.

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