NSC operates in 180 countries across multiple time zones, currencies and languages

With 24×7 service, 278 Local Rapid Fulfilment Depots and over $68 million of inventory we understand retail, providing the solutions to harness real-time data insights to transform and run operations for the world’s largest retailers so they can offer the best customer experience and manage complex supply chains.

We help our retail customers

Enable omni-channel experiences, real time shopper analytics, and facilities and equipment monitoring

Validate new Cisco technologies and integrations

Optimise day-to-day support and maintenance of Cisco components

Provide seamless wireless, switching, and routing for your retail organisation to operate with agility and efficiency

Making our retail customers’ digital ambitions a reality with Cisco’s Meraki Dashboard

Whether you are an enterprise upgrading or expanding locations or a small business getting started, the Cisco Meraki platform is there to simplify network transformation. Right out of the box. Cisco Meraki enables you to accelerate growth through easy-to-use cloud networking capabilities.

To find out how to activate the power of your retail location, leverage automation to identify threats, and manage updates and security upgrades with the Cisco Meraki platform click the button below.

NSC’s portfolio for retail: what can we help you solve today?

The world of post-pandemic retail is about customer experience. In the multi-channel world of retail, creating frictionless and convenient experiences has become paramount for retailers in both physical and digital spaces.

The challenge for all retailers is to stay ahead of the customer need.

When you have clear, real-time insights into business performance you are always one step ahead, allowing you to resolve issues before they impact customers.

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