NSC Global launches world’s only Field Engineering App designed specifically for customers

Bespoke SmartTeam™ App designed for better customer experience with real time insights

London – NSC Global, the world’s largest independently owned IT services company, has launched a bespoke Field Services App designed specifically for field engineers to provide customers with a single point of contact, improved transparency and a better quality of service.

Available to customers on Android, iPhone and Web, the SmartTeam™ App uses Geo-location to track the arrival and status of their field engineer, delivering advanced and transparent communication with progress updates for all stakeholders.

NSC Global’s SmartTeam™ App helps field engineers and customers make the most of their time, collaborate together – to deliver projects more successfully. 

“Similar to Uber, or a parcel tracking interface, the SmartTeam™ App will provide our customers and our highly skilled, certified engineers with a centralised tool – for real-time, status updates and communication,” said Robert Gutt, Global Customer Experience and Technologies, NSC Global.

“We developed SmartTeam™ App with everyone in mind – our customers, our field engineers and our Activity Assurance team. The app will simultaneously support our Activity Assurance team, who are responsible for tracking and helping our engineers during engagements, while allowing both the field engineers and our customers complete transparency of location and status – wherever they are – anytime, anywhere.”

The SmartTeam™ App is uniquely designed to transform IT service delivery from a slow, manual process into one driven by real time information – delivering faster and improved outcomes.

Among the key benefits of the solution are:

  • Information on equipment required, location and journey times – all in one place

Streamlining vendor relationships

  • Increased efficiency, transparency and customer experience – reduced calls and communications with automatic updates
  • Accelerated deployment times at significant cost savings for the customer
  • Productive and empowered workforce who are both connected and accountable

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