NSC Global further expands network service portfolio with launch of bespoke Universal Customer Premise Equipment – YouCPE

YouCPE to bring new levels of innovation, security and flexibility for businesses

Aiming to offer support to companies that plan to take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation and cloud-based services, NSC Global, the world’s largest independently owned IT services company, has launched YouCPETM.

The UK headquartered IT solutions provider believes that YouCPETM will offer a new level of user experience through inherent advantages such as enhanced security, automation and simplified management.

Traditional uCPE (Universal Customer Premise Equipment) promised huge transformational change in Enterprise Networking by removing the need to buy, install, operate and maintain racks full of specialised, single-purpose network devices and replacing it all with a single physical appliance, running multiple virtualised services. 

However, while Enterprise adoption of uCPE is predicted to triple year-on-year, many of the uCPE solutions currently on the market don’t deliver fully on these promises, and instead act as a vehicle to introduce pre-defined managed services, rather than a platform to cater for businesses’ needs – ultimately preventing businesses realise all of the transformational benefits that are possible with uCPE. 

Unlike other uCPE solutions, YouCPETMhas been designed specifically to break vendor lock-in, allowing businesses to shape the solution to fit its unique needs, giving unmatched choice and flexibility, enhanced security, enabling innovation and future-proofing the Enterprise Network.

“NSC Global recognises our customers want choice when it comes to deploying technology to achieve their goals. We are providing not only choice, but removing the complexity from their global network service deployments and delivering a greater user experience,” said Sascha Groeger, Chief Commercial Officer, NSC Global.  “The range of associated applications for each vertical industry – from construction to transport, to financial services and marketing – is vast. Businesses need a platform for on-premises workloads that can deliver the required level of flexibility and customisation. NSC Global has developed YouCPETM to offer our customers greater choice, security, resilience, service and agility to help customers with their digital transformations.”

Key benefits of YouCPETM

  • YouCPETM platform is carrier and location agnostic so you have a single, consistent platform – globally.
  • YouCPETM works with any WAN carrier or internet service so you choose the most cost-effective carrier for your sites
  • YouCPETM works with any WAN carrier or internet service so you can change carrier without the disruption of changing your uCPE platform
  • YouCPETM includes full hardware performance and features from day one so you don’t have additional costs
  • YouCPETM is optimised so you have more hardware resources to run and power your VNFs
  • YouCPETM gives unlimited VNF choice and configuration so you choose the VNFs to fit your business needs
  • YouCPETM supports multiple license purchase options so you choose the procurement approach that works for you
  • YouCPETM offers multiple service model options so you choose the model that meets your requirements

About NSC Global

NSC Global, is a leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions, partnering with world-class organisations to deliver unrivalled agility and service excellence. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in London, we operate in over 180 countries with a network of 4,500+ Partner Resources across the globe. NSC is helping lead its customers in the Software-Defined Digital Revolution. Learn more here: NSC Global – Home

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