Next Day WAN – create a secure and reliable network wherever and whenever you need it

What is it?

NSC’s Next Day WAN is a cloud-managed cellular WAN service. Designed to support smaller locations where you need less bandwidth and more flexibility – it allows businesses to get up and running fast.

Using 5G or 4G LTE to provide high speed broadband internet, a new location can have a secure network in less than 24 hours.

What business problems does it solve? Who can it help?

Businesses who regularly operate outside of a permanent address, or are going through a relocation or expansion, often need to equip teams in remote or temporary locations to securely access a private or corporate network.

Until now, this has been a challenge due to long lead times for landline WAN/broadband circuit installations from last mile carriers. Now NSC’s Next Day WAN gives organisations flexible WAN solutions without the delays.

Next Day WAN is suitable in many temporary and permanent cases and removes the need to work around a rigid timeline and infrastructure for circuit installations:


To connect a site office where a fixed line isn’t practical

As a connection for a pop-up shop, restaurant or smaller store formats

Business Services:
To connect an office, account or project team seconded in a new location

Events support:
Provides secure, flexible connectivity at speed

Disaster recovery:
In all situations requiring immediate redundancy or service restoration

What are the business benefits of NSC’s Next Day WAN?

Cost efficiency and standardisation of provider

Next Day WAN standardises the broadband internet WAN carrier to a few wireless providers replacing the traditional patchwork of circuit providers. No expensive fixed line installs keep costs down and timings on track, reducing costs through consolidation.

Fast, secure and portable network access

Next Day WAN provides the flexibility to add a new WAN service in as fast as a day in any location – no more waiting for WAN turn ups.

Quick and easy deployment

Next Day WAN ensures customer’s spare devices and SIMs are staged and set up at our logistics hubs so that they can be deployed, shipped out and turned up at speed. We ship the equipment next day and send a field engineer to site.
Sim activation and deactivation for devices in the customers’ environment and SD WAN router management can also be included in the service.

Scale to meet changing needs

Next Day WAN allows customers to scale their network up or down as needed, and to add or remove devices or locations.

Peace of mind

Next Day WAN uses a reliable enterprise-grade connections, so you can confidently maintain secure access to your back-end system, and keep your corporate data protected.

Improved Performance and reliability

Next Day WAN provides enhanced reliability and speed due to the superior performance of 5G meaning no more wired broadband internet issues due to outdated infrastructure.

Tap into an end-to-end technology service

Next Day WAN is a great introduction to NSC’s complete portfolio of managed technology solutions, global OEM partnerships and skilled teams of specialists – available globally to help your business drive innovation.

NSC – Next Day WAN

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Next Day WAN can be tailored for any size business, in any location for any business need.
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