Spotlight on: Raffaele Scala

NSC is a family of thousands of colleagues across the globe. In this series, we put a spotlight on our rising stars.

Meet Raffaele Scala – Senior Project Manager, Transformation Services, London:

Raffaele is a Senior Project Manager and Portfolio Manager leading some of the most complex Projects at NSC. He joined us in 2011 as a Network Engineer, but his talent for problem solving and his drive were immediately obvious, leading him to new challenges and resulting in his swift progress at NSC.

“I studied Telecommunication Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples in Italy and specialised in Network Engineering at the London MET University.

I joined NSC after some experience in the Aerospace Industry, and quickly felt an active part of a fast organisation where my contribution has been really valued. Frequent new opportunities were presented to me; I knew I was in the right place.

Frequent new opportunities were presented to me;
I knew I was in the right place

People often ask me why I have stayed at NSC for all these years? The roots are in the meritocratic environment, but equally It has been exciting witnessing the way NSC has grown and adapted in a fast-changing industry.

It has been an inspiring journey, I have been helped and learned a lot from some amazing people over the years, and today I can say I do feel an expert in my field.

Project Managers have a busy work life, but maybe that’s a cliché. Outside of work I find time to swim regularly, cycle and practice yoga. Spending time outside is very important for me. You will find me hiking at weekends or maybe strolling around town, taking pictures on my beloved film camera.”

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