Spotlight on: Mahesh Kadam

NSC is a family of thousands of colleagues across the globe. In this series, we put a spotlight on our rising stars.

Meet Mahesh Kadam – Project Manager, Transformation Services, India:

Mahesh specialises in managing and supporting global Transformation and Service Delivery projects. These projects are often large, complex and sprawling, involving hundreds of people across multiple countries; and Mahesh’s talents and expertise keep them on track, on time and on budget. He joined NSC in 2015, and has already established himself as an indispensable and highly-valued part of the company.

“I started my career early, combining my studies along with working in the banking sector. After graduating from Mumbai University, I had a vision to work with international clients and got an opportunity to work with Wipro.

After gaining valuable customer service experience, I thought of moving on to an organisation that would utilise my range of skills. I joined NCR as a Project Coordinator, which widened my skills toolkit further, to include network infrastructure and technical projects.

So why did I choose NSC? I was looking for a company that could understands how to use my specific skillset, and would also continuously work to enhance it … I made the right decision to join NSC.

Part of my continuing development has included NSC sponsoring me to complete my qualifications

I now work on a variety of global projects (network management, data-centres and migration, supplying tech, etc.) with clients representing the biggest multinationals.

Part of my continuing development has included NSC sponsoring me to complete my qualifications.

Becoming a part of NSC has been a great learning experience so far: I work with some extremely talented IT engineers, and the management always take time to share their experience and knowledge.

Outside of work? I love travelling to different places – especially long bike rides. I love to work out, and spend time with my family and friends.”

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