IT Emergency? We’re here to help

One of our Global IT partners asked us to provide emergency services for one of their clients over a weekend, at very short notice. Their client, a multinational drinks company, was having trouble with their global computer network and needed everything resolved before Monday morning.

The client

A multinational company and leader in the manufacture of pale ale.

The challenge

1,100 PCs in 8 different countries were already affected and it was imperative that the issues be resolved before business resumed on Monday morning.

The solution

A specialist team was put together and tasked with sourcing local technicians at extremely short notice, to be deployed over the weekend.

The problem was successfully rectified in all 1,100 PCs – on 16 different sites and in 8 different countries – all in one weekend, with minimal disruption to the business.

The results

• We successfully fixed 1,100 computers in one weekend

• We co-ordinated the operation in 8 different countries, simultaneously

• We resolved the problem before business resumed on Monday morning