Cableless Enterprise – today‘s solution for tomorrow’s wireless world

Transforming your world – wirelessly

‘Cableless Enterprise’ is a scalable, standardised, end-to-end, networking solution that leverages the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and SD-WAN technology.

Using wireless technologies in place of ethernet cabling provides increased network performance, resilience and reliability so you don’t need to upgrade and manage a costly LAN network infrastructure of cables and switches.

Reduce overheads

Improve network performance

Rapidly scale on demand

Enhance user experience and connectivity

Accelerate wireless adoption

Futureproof your enterprise

NSC – Cableless Enterprise

How does it work and is it as reliable as a cabled workplace environment?

Wi-Fi 6 is not just faster than Wi-Fi 5 – it provides greatly enhanced network performance and end user experience with the reliability of a cabled network.

Optimised Performance

Machine learning optimizes the channels, bandwidth and power needed to deliver a consistent user experience, reduce network congestion and take full advantage of OFDMA and MU-MIMO – no manual intervention needed.

OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) – supports dozens of simultaneous high-bandwidth connections, allowing each user access to the bandwidth they need, when they need it.

MU-MIMO (Multi-User – Multiple Input Multiple Output) functionality means improved overall network speed, reliability and network multi-tasking.

Increased Speed
Wi-Fi 6 can deliver device speeds up to 250% faster than Wi-Fi 5 due to advances in the encoding speeds (1024-QAM), parallel transmission (OFDMA & MU-MIMO) and beamforming.

Intelligent Power Monitoring
Target Wake Time (TWT) allows battery-powered IoT devices and sensors to manage their radio power more efficiently extending battery life and reducing spectral congestion in areas with a high-density of devices.

Performance at Scale
This leap in performance not only increases speed and capacity for the next generation of advanced applications, such as seamless mobile roaming, 4K or 8K video, high-definition collaboration applications, but is a huge benefit for enterprises with IOT dependencies – even in high-density wireless environments.

Securely Extend the Workplace
Combining the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 with SD-WAN technology, allows organisations to extend the ‘workplace’ experience into all conceivable remote working environments – whilst securely connecting end users to applications, branches and clouds.

Tailored Support
NSC’s cloud-based monitoring and management of yourend-to-end wireless network allows us to provide tailored 24/7 support with real-time insight into your network.

Industry Leading Technology
Our Cableless Enterprise service uses industry leading technology with a standardised design. This approach allows forhighly efficient network deployment,and seamless expansion if and when required

NSC implemented a managed cloud-based AP network for a major US retailer in 4000+ locations

Connected sales tools ontablets and laptops, fully flexible and mobile throughout the retail store

Wireless POS and IOT devices supported

Simplified yet robustmanagement and monitoring through centralized portal

No cables =
significant cost saving via Wi-Fi only LAN

Less equipment =
fast implementation

Wi-Fi 6 =
quality user experience

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Cableless Enterprise – an end-to-end, scalable network solution that brings advantages to your end users, your IT and your business – fast.