A global communications company asked us to help them extend the life of their IT infrastructure, so they could upgrade it properly when budgets allowed.

The client

A global communications company with a reputation for innovative delivery of all client communications.

The challenge

Faced with an aging infrastructure and a planned 5-year transformation programme, our client needed to find a way to extend the life of their existing equipment, so that the deployment of their new hardware would not be driven by lifetime deadlines.

The solution

Using the extensive equipment stocks in our global depots, we provided ongoing servicing for the aging equipment and exact match replacements in the event of any failures.

The sheer size of the client’s estate meant that we had to use over 400 of our depots to deliver spares quickly and efficiently. We also made a significant investment in training our field teams to service the older, less-well-known equipment.

The results

• We extended the usable life of their infrastructure for over two years

• We accelerated time to revenue, allowing them to upgrade their technology 2 years earlier than planned

• We delivered 100% SLA adherence throughout the programme