Delivering live broadcasts from major sporting and news events around the world, this international broadcaster asked us to provide support to their mobile broadcast units.

The client

One of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters.

The challenge

Constantly following sporting and news events around the world, our client needed us to find a flexible way to provide technically advanced facilities that could support their existing units, in the event of a failure.

Traditional support models would not work, as they’re based on having equipment in fixed, rather than mobile locations.

The solution

Using our network of global depots, we delivered a full solution that would allow any failure to be fixed within 4 hours.

Our partner network ensures that the client’s mobile fleet can be tracked as they move around the world, so any parts and field support services can be provided, wherever they are needed.

The results

• We provided a solution that allowed broadcast units to be fixed within just 4 hours, anywhere in the world

• We helped our client deploy the very latest technology to their broadcast units