Need mobile maintenance? We’ll be right there

Our client was holding a national conference for their employees and wanted us to conduct maintenance on their entire workforce’s mobile devices, while they were all together.

The client

A global paint supplier that’s been in business for over 100 years, delivering to a nationwide network of resellers.

The challenge

Their entire sales team was going to be at a scheduled national conference and they wanted every laptop and smartphone in the field to be dropped off, updated, fixed if needed and returned.

All work had to be completed during the conference, so the sales representatives could pick up their devices and go straight back to work when it was over, with zero downtime.

The solution

Our engineers serviced 356 devices during the 3-day conference, with each one properly signed in and returned in 100% working condition, complete with the latest software, updates and encryption verification.

Post conference feedback was that our effort was very well received and this process will now be adopted at every assembly of employees throughout their fiscal year.

The results

• We updated and configured 356 devices in 3 days

• We returned every device in 100% working condition, ensuring zero downtime

• We’ve now been asked to provide the same service at every subsequent company gathering