Unhappy customers? We’ll make them smile again

Unhappy with the quality, structure and staffing of its key North American service desk, this international IT services provider asked us to streamline the service.

The client

An international IT services provider with over 76,000 employees across 52 countries.

The challenge

The North American service desk comprised 352 agents, with more than 35 major clients in industries ranging from manufacturing to financial services.

The quality of assistance being provided simply wasn’t up to our client’s high standards.

The solution

Almost 40% of the agents were sub-contractors and even basic queries were handled with a pre-written script.

We retrained all staff and migrated any sub-contractors to full-time nsc employees.

Focusing on staff essential to running the service desk, we weeded out anyone who was resistant to change or had mismatched skills, hiring new qualified staff to fill any gaps.

Flexible benefits packages, high performance bonuses and length of service incentives were provided and the recruitment process itself was streamlined.

The results

• We achieved or exceeded every service level target

• We brought about six-figure savings in the first year alone

• We raised overall customer satisfaction to 96.7%

• We reduced staff attrition from 40% to 26%

• We dramatically cut the time taken to fill vacancies