Tight for time? We’ll get it done

A client needed to deliver a highly visible Government program in a very tight timeframe and was at the point of incurring significant penalties

The client

One of the world’s largest telecoms companies, providing a wide range of communication services to more than 300 million customers in over 21 countries.

The challenge

Rolling out a new service to 11 million households, an extremely aggressive timeframe was set by the government, with strict penalties imposed if deadlines were missed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the program was taking longer than expected.

When the telecoms company conceded that penalties were unavoidable, they asked us to provide a large dedicated delivery team to help them minimise the damage.

The solution

Recognising the gravity of the situation, we quickly deployed multiple project teams to work across a wide range of technology and project management disciplines – ensuring that all milestones were completed on time and to the required standards.

Not only did we help our client complete the project, but we did so in an impossibly tight timeframe, avoiding any penalties whatsoever.

Our client was over the moon and we received numerous accolades for our tireless work.

The results

• We helped deliver the program on time, with no penalties incurred

• Due to its success, the program is now being rolled out nationally

• We helped significantly increase customer satisfaction