Need engineers overnight? We’ll bring coffee

A global premium car brand needed to upgrade the hardware and software in 10 UK showrooms overnight. If anything went wrong, none of the showrooms would be able to trade the next day.

The client

A world-famous premium car brand.

The challenge

The client needed installations of new firewalls, switches, wireless points and acceptance testing, in 10 different locations. But the required engineering had to be carried out in a single night, as all the showrooms were co-dependent upon a central hub.

If the 10 sites were not all successfully completed, none of the showrooms would be able to trade effectively the next day.

The solution

To ensure the success of the operation, we sourced the best available engineers from our pool of qualified technicians.

Work began at each location started at 22:00 and was completed in time for trading the next day at 08:00.

The results

• We successfully installed new assets at 10 different UK locations in just 10 hours

• We were able to source the best engineers for the job at short notice

• We ensured zero downtime for our client