Broadcasting live? We’ll make it happen in 3, 2, 1…

An international accountancy firm needed a trusted global partner to help set up a company-wide live broadcast in 39 different locations around the world, at very short notice.

The client

One of the world’s leading international accountancy firms.

The challenge

Relative to its size, we were tasked with this project at very short notice. This meant quickly assembling a worldwide team that could handle every aspect of the broadcast operation.

The solution

We used our extensive network of resources to source 30 technicians, exactly where our client needed them.

We handled the complicated logistics of coordinating the client, our technicians and our chosen broadcasting partner. This included sourcing, building and delivering the laptops, installing the required software and conducting all meetings and test runs prior to the live event.

In total, we organised and completed 6 successful test runs in three weeks as well as the event itself.

The results

• We sourced 30 expert technicians around the world, in time and on budget

• We successfully completed all 39 live events, simultaneously

• We completed 85 laptop builds a full week before the event

• We were praised for our “outstanding performance” in coordinating the people, resources and technology required