Transforming standardised technology with agile and flexible solutions.

Eliminate complexity, embrace efficiency. NSC.

With us on your side anything is possible

Global business doesn’t have to be complicated.

We make it simple, with thousands of expert people, delivering to more than 100 countries.

We’re not afraid to make difficult decisions. We think creatively. We act quickly. And we do what it takes to transform your business – through IT process out-tasking, to infrastructure management, technology services and more.

We’ll carry as much or as little of the responsibility as you like. We know business isn’t linear. We expect to flex up, and down, with you.

We focus on building long term relationships with a small number of world-class clients. So when the pressure is on, we can provide a top-class service around the clock, around the world.


We buy, deliver and set up everything from network infrastructure to broadcasting hardware, wherever you need it. Globally. Locally.


We manage and support networks of all shapes and sizes. We make sure your workplace works, wherever that might be. Globally. Locally.


We can deliver the right people, doing the right thing, achieving the right results, anywhere in the world. Globally. Locally.


We plan and deploy transformative IT solutions, from one office location, to 1,000’s of retail stores. Globally. Locally.


We’re on call all over the world with the right skills to keep your technology available. 24/7. Globally. Locally.


We love sharing our know-how with our customers. We can design, plan it, build it and deliver it. Globally. Locally.

Case Studies

We solve all kinds of business problems.

Big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones, far ones, near ones, staff ones, gear ones.

Below are just a few we’ve done recently…

Tired of replacing tired hardware? Ever considered an opex model?

A global logitics company needed to replace its ageing infrastructure, but many sites lacked the resources to finance the project ... until NSC offered another way

Need security-conscious logistics? We’ve done that

A global outsourcing partner asked NSC to develop a logistics model suitable for two of the world’s most security-sensitive events – the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences

Transcontinental transformation? Our teams are ready to go

A telco was facing the daunting task of transforming their client's network over 4,000 sites globally ... until NSC stepped in and did it for them


NSC is accredited and engaged at the highest level, with leading global IT innovators and manufacturers including; Dell Technologies, Cisco, HPE, Aruba, VMWare and Oracle. We are proud of our partnerships which ensure we can offer the best solution for your requirements.


Our Partners
Act global, deliver local

Routers in the Atacama Desert?
Resource Managers in Greenland?
Setswana translators in South Africa?

With market-leading technology partners and a global network of local teams, we can get the IT resources you need, wherever you need them, fast.