Too many engineers? We’ve 6,500 and counting…

An American multinational telecommunications conglomerate was wasting valuable resource every time a project was paused … until NSC took up the slack

The challenge

An American multinational telecommunications conglomerate with 160,000 staff were resourcing large projects, only for pauses and bottlenecks to leave swathes of specialist workforces unable to complete their tasks. The client needed to ramp up and down resource as required.

The solution

The client outsourced the staff to NSC. We oversaw staff onboarding, procurement and training. In downtime our staff worked on other NSC clients gaining new skills and techniques, all the while maintaining the company credentials so when demand was back, the resource was able to take the slack again, seamlessly.

The results

• 30% savings vs typical in-house resourcing

• NSC enjoy a continous relationship with the client

• NSC services have expanded into pre-sales and delivery