Need mobile maintenance? We’ll be right there

Due to a lack of skilled resource, a major global telco was about to withdraw from an £8m bid to upgrade a client’s network infrastructure … until they called NSC

The challenge

One of the world’s largest telecoms companies, with more than 300 million customers in over 21 countries, had an opportunity to bid for an £8m project.

An insurance company needed to upgrade their network infrastructure with full LAN, Wireless LAN, IP Telephony and Video collaboration services.

The telco lacked the skilled resource to submit a bid: they needed an expert, experienced and trusted partner who could help them win – and deliver – the £8m business opportunity.

The solution

We supplied a seasoned Technical Architect team (to create a technical solution for the network infrastructure) and a Senior Bid Manager (to strategically lead and project manage the bid).

The results

• Our client won the bid, securing an £8m contract.

• We completed the bid with time to spare …

• … and helped our client to upsell additional services.