A major Global Telecoms company needed to deliver a large amount of project work. However, they didn’t have enough staff and couldn’t acquire more due to a global hiring freeze.

The client

One of the world’s largest telecoms companies, providing a wide range of communication services to more than 300 million customers in over 21 countries.

The challenge

Our client didn’t have enough staff to deliver their project. And due to a global hiring freeze, they were unable to take on any additional staff of their own.

Due to this lack of technical resources, their Project Management Team was becoming increasingly concerned that a number of jobs were not going to be delivered on time.

The solution

We suggested our fixed price, fixed outcome, delivery model. This meant the client would only have to pay for deliverables, not headcount. So they could easily upsize during peaks and not encounter surplus costs during work troughs.

This solution was happily accepted by our client, quickly implemented and worked very well, easing the workload on their current team.

The results

• We helped our client complete their projects on time and on budget

• We significantly increased productivity without the client having to increase their headcount

• We provided efficient budgetary control with a pre-agreed fixed cost

• We eased the workload on our client’s staff, which helped increase their satisfaction levels