A large provider of video technology had just partnered with a global telecoms business with the hope of taking their capabilities around the world. Searching for a trusted global partner, they asked us to provide the essential engineering and logistics skills to help them to achieve this.

The client

A new technology company that provides video-casting capabilities to global enterprises.

The challenge

Having previously been a USA-only business, our client lacked the necessary skills or experience to build a global support model.

They had tried working with different suppliers from around the world, but needed a trusted global partner to bring their solutions together.

That’s why they came to us.

The solution

After assessing the client’s infrastructure, we designed workflows, import/export paths, depot locations and stock levels globally. We then trained a global field engineering team, to cope with these new requirements.

Working both with our client and their telecoms partner, we successfully delivered a bespoke solution that helped our client expand globally.

The results

• We created a full logistics workflow, minimising the work for the client

• We helped enable two multi-million dollar deals

• We helped facilitate simultaneous growth in Latin America and Asia/Pacific

• We’ve achieved 100% of our SLA for 3 straight years