Big job in a short timeframe? We’ll fit you in

One of the world’s largest financial companies asked us to cost-effectively upgrade 5,000 computers in 120 different locations over a single weekend.

The client

One of the world’s largest financial companies, with offices and employees all over the world.

The challenge

The client wanted to upgrade 5,000 assets in 120 national offices, in a way that was efficient and cost-effective.

The upgrade would need to take place over a single weekend, to ensure minimal disruption to productivity. The client set us a target of a maximum of 1% downtime.

The solution

We sourced engineers who were prepared to commit to working over the weekend, 3 weeks in advance.

We invested in training them remotely and completed a dry run prior to the live event, so they were confident they could complete the upgrades quickly and efficiently.

We also provided floor-walkers in each location, to ensure a smooth transition when staff returned on the Monday morning.

The results

• We achieved zero loss of productivity, surpassing the client’s 1% downtime target

• We guaranteed provision of trained, high-quality staff

• We introduced the flexibility to both quickly scale up or scale down staff as required

• The client was so pleased with the transition, they subsequently asked us to upgrade another 3,000 devices later in the year.