Spotlight on: Thaïs Aragó Vilaró

NSC is a family of thousands of colleagues across the globe. In this series, we put a spotlight on our rising stars.

Meet Thaïs Aragó Vilaró – Senior Project Manager, Transformation Services, Barcelona

Thaïs joined NSC in 2008 as a Technical Office Engineer in Barcelona. A year later she was promoted to Infrastructure Department Manager, responsible for HR, pre-sales, purchasing, design, and managing electrical installation, LAN deployment and data centre projects.

Thaïs’ skilful and efficient guidance of the department alerted the company to her talents and she became a Project Manager in 2010, working on international projects looking after remote teams. In 2014 Thaïs became a Senior PM, and then in 2017 was promoted again to Team Leader of the Project Management Team in Spain, and also Portfolio Manager for her client.

“My first experience as a PM was in the construction sector, but a crisis in this sector in 2007 made me think about looking for new opportunities in IT.

NSC gave me the opportunity to start working on global projects which improved my skills as a PM, especially communication.

NSC trusted me and invested in my PMP certification

I have been growing at NSC, getting more knowledge and responsibility. NSC trusted me and invested in my PMP certification, creating an environment where I learn every day.

I’ve recently started to manage a team in Barcelona and again this is giving me the opportunity to develop new skills as a team leader looking after our most valuable resources: ‘our people’.

Outside of work, I’m looking forward to having my first child in June, and I’m sure that this will be my most difficult and challenging project. Hope I can manage it successfully – but there is a big risk of this project being over budget!”

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