NSC is a family of thousands of
colleagues across the globe. In this series,
we put a spotlight on our rising stars.

Meet Michél Picker – Service Transition Manager, Germany

NSC is an organisation of 2,500 people around the world. Many cogs make our machine work, and Michél makes sure the cogs are functioning and oiled, ensuring seamless transitions for clients and services.

Michél joined us in 2017 as a Level 2 Desktop Support Engineer. His talent and skills were immediately apparent, and then utilised in successive promotions to Technical Lead, then to Team Leader, and to his current role, Service Transition Manager, managing a team of 60 people.

Hi Michél,

You joined NSC in 2017. What brought you to our organisation? 

It was the recruiter, he told me about a great job opportunity: It sounded very good and so I decided to start with NSC.

You’ve had a varied career, what has this taught you about the workplace? 

Always do what you can and you will succeed.

You are a science researcher too, can you tell us a bit about this work? 

I deal independently in different areas. I try to find new solutions in information technology for various problems. I am also interested in medicine and nursing science and try to find new approaches there.

How did you find yourself working in IT? 

Since 8 years old, I am passionate about everything in the IT industry. Later, I became sure about my profession and added other branches to my field of experience and knowledge. Systems Engineering in particular, as a comprehensive and interdisciplinary science, has my interest.
I worked for many IT companies as a systems administrator on-site, remote managing data centres, in call-centres as a first-level supporter: many different teams, branches and companies.

Only when a team works together can it achieve great goals

What advice would you give to someone starting a career in IT today? 

Just do it. Do what you can and convince yourself and others.

You manage a large team: in your experience, what is it that makes a team work well? 

Most important is cohesion and work together. Only when a team works together can it achieve great goals.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Work with people together and learn from each other.

And, finally, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Go outside and run 🙂

NSC are continually recruiting. To see the opportunities at our growing company, visit our careers page here.

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